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PBMC Processing

Highly trained technicians are experienced with multiple client-specific processing protocols in order to satisfy site-to-site consistency concerns. We can also use our own protocols.

We can begin PBMC isolation in less than 4 hours from blood draw for local sites.

We can operate as your central PBMC processing lab for multiple sites with PBMC processing for shipped samples in under 24 hours with the capacity to scale PBMC processing to any volume necessary to support your clinical trials.

CellSEP can further isolate cell subsets or characterize PBMC through Flow Cytometry, if requested.

If you need a local PBMC isolation lab, talk to CellSEP labs
about partnering on your next project near your location.

Email: StudySupport@CellSEPlabs.com

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CellSEP stores your PBMC in LN2

We offer:

  • Storage at +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and vapor phase liquid nitrogen.

  • LN2 storage for over 22,000 vials.

  • 24/7 temperature monitoring for all freezers and refrigerators.

  • 24/7 video surveillance/security for all freezers and refrigerators.

Exclusive database access for sites and sponsors with up-to-date status and meta data.

CellSEP location: Charleston, SC

Perfect Location: Near YOU.

Our first location is in Charleston, South Carolina. CellSEP Labs PBMC services offers isolation, custom processing, quantitation, cryo-storage, and shipping for your clinical trial needs.

Our second location is in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. For any inquires, please contact StudySupport@CellSEPlabs.com to set up your upcoming clinical trial studies now.

We are expanding rapidly to new locations.






... more locations are being evaluated.

Contact StudySupport@CellSEPlabs.com to prioritize opening a CellSEP lab near you.

CellSEP locations in Charleston, SC - Dallas, TX

Today's clinical research environment is complex with multiple hurdles and checkpoints preventing samples from arriving to laboratories within tightly monitored timeframes. Accurate and viable data sets, delivered on time, and within budget are essential to your decision-making process and in attaining your project goals.

Not only will we work locally with you to process your PBMCs, but we also offer a carrier service to make sure all samples are picked up, and processed in the smallest possible windows of time.

Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists, lab managers, and account executives deliver high level clinical service solutions for all PBMC needs. Whether a stand-alone clinical research site, or a network of sites, we deliver PBMCs in an efficient, accurate, and confident manner.

If you are a site that wants to add clinical trials with PBMC processing,

contact StudySupport@CellSEPlabs.com to discuss our next CellSEP lab close to your site's location.

CellSEP cell separation for clinical trial sites