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Cell isolation and analytics laboratories

Experience the pinnacle of cell isolation, analytics, and flow cytometry services with CellSEP. Our sophisticated laboratories, strategically located in Charleston, Austin, Atlanta, Dallas - Ft. Worth, and Orlando, are equipped to propel your research and clinical trials forward. 

Benefit from meticulous PBMC processing, complete with live sample tracking for sponsors, and access Leukopaks from both healthy and disease-state donors. Our high-quality CD34+ cells from cord blood and precise flow cytometry services offer unmatched analysis and characterization of cell populations.

Leverage our proprietary recruitment process and a comprehensive database of over 20,000 donors to ensure sample diversity and quality.

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Join us in driving innovation in biotechnology. Our advanced solutions, including state-of-the-art flow cytometry, are designed to accelerate your research and development. Together, let's set new standards in biotech excellence.


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CellSEP stores your PBMC in LN2

We offer:

Exclusive private database access for sites and sponsors showing up-to-date status and meta data.

Some of our equipment includes: Roche e411, Beckman Access II, Beckman DxH, Plate reader/washer, Flow cytometry, Cell counters.

We are constantly adding new capabilities and offerings, so if you want to be kept abreast, email

Today's clinical research environment is complex with multiple hurdles and checkpoints preventing samples from arriving to laboratories within tightly monitored timeframes. Accurate and viable data sets, delivered on time, and within budget are essential to your decision-making process and in attaining your project goals. 

Not only will we work locally with you to process your PBMCs, but we also offer a courier service to make sure all samples are picked up, and processed in the smallest possible windows of time. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists, lab managers, and account executives deliver high level clinical service solutions for all PBMC needs.  Whether a stand-alone clinical research site, or a network of sites, we deliver PBMCs in an efficient, accurate, and confident manner.

If you are a site that wants to add clinical trials with PBMC processing needs, 

contact to discuss our next CellSEP lab close to your site's location.